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Jessica and Ben*NEW YORK SESSION

If you’re searching your wedding photographer in New York, here I am! New York is the perfect set for your engagement and wedding pics!


5 Things I Love About New York City

Yes I know, August is not the best season to be in the big Apple. There are dozen of tourists, you can feel the moisture almost as if you were in a jungle and air conditioning  could freeze  you every time you enter in a shop or in a restaurant.

But, as you know, New York is New York, and there’s no humidity or freezing that are able to stop you from loving it. There are so many things I love about NY City…5 of these are always valid (at least for me!)

1- little lights!

Many cities have impressive skylines (Sydney!), others have a more historical charm (Paris), but you will not find another city with so many little lights as NYC. How beautiful is stay behind big windows overlooking the skyline?

2-  Neighborhoods

In New York  Everything  seems to be bigger compared to all the rest of the world, but if you’ll walk up to get lost in the neighborhoods you’ll find lots of little streets and magical corners  you’ll never forget. Silence is possible in New York!


One thing that I always loved about this city is the diversity of stories and people.Walking through the streets of New York you’ll find a palpable feeling of people just being who they want to be. No rules.

4- if you make it here, you can make it everywhere

Your limits will be tested,but if you make something in Ny city, really…nothing can frighten you .

5- Creativity

I always  say that New York is not beautiful: all those skyscraprers, so similar to  other big cities…but, for I reason I don’t know, every time here is so sweet for me , also because  Nyis able to  ispire my creativity and also to let me dream about the Future.( and Maybe even  because the City  reminds me when I decided I had to be happy)

6- meeting beautiful people

Ok, I know, I told you that I would have spoken  about 5 points.. but this is my fav’ one: fortunately it not depends on a city, a state or a season. This point is the reason for which  I’m so in love with photography.

Meeting beautiful people like Jessica and Ben allows me to dream about love and makes me better: It was my first couple session in New York, and I had so fun with them!  I often  realize that people who I have met on my path are like me: dreamers, magical believers, in love with little things, truly believers that everything we do and everyone we meet it was put in our path for a purpose. There are no accidents.

Magic is everywhere,  this time is in New York…where will I find the next one?

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