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Photography is my way to express emotions. Thanks to photography I learned to see the MAGIC in everything. I love travelling, listening to the sound of the sea during winter, feeling the wind caress my skin, watching the lights and sparks of the night while sitting at a café. “The two books  Little Prince” and “Alice in wonderland” and the movie  “The secret Life of Walter Mitty”  are three of my special remedies when I don’t know what to do. When I travel, I normally spend some time in airports. They are my playgrounds. While I’m waiting for my next flight, I love watching their lights and take some time to make up stories of imaginary trips in my head. I’ve a passion for  Tiffany color: this was first color I saw landed in NYcity and my studio has a Tiffany wall , to remember me when I decided I had to be happy. If you like my photos and you’re looking to celebrate a special day, your love story, or an important moment in your life, please contact me! I am a Selected member ANFM (National Association of Wedding Photographers ) and I guarantee the highest quality and professionalism. My studio is in the heart of the beautiful Renaissance city of Florence, but I’m happy to travel to your place and celebrate the MAGIC in your life! You can follow me on my Facebook page https://it-it.facebook.com/silviagaloraphotos/.

Here you can find something about me, and my special love for photography, that makes me smile day by day


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