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Romantic and paintings inspirational shooting in Tuscany


Yesterday one of my friend asked me “Do you work for yourself or do you work for your client?”

What a difficult questions, my dear! It’s obvious that I have to make happy my clients, to please them with my work, creating THEIR memories. But, if this is clearly true, is also true that this work is…a passion for me. I firmly believe that if you love what you do they will see it in your photos. And, if they see your love and your emotion in your photos, in THEIR memories, they will totally trust you. Being free to search the best light, to express myself in my work is my happiness key and when someone come to my studio to hire me I always say: it’s all about gut instincts, it’s ALL about gut feelings. I mean, choose your photographer it’s a questions of…feelings! The “gut feeling” is the only way (for me of course) to choose the right person to photograph your special memories: this is the only way to create MAGIC together.

Shooting a styled shooting is a way to create something with your favourite conditions and the perfect light, to show to your clients what you can do, what is your style, and how’s beautiful working in a team.

This Romantic and paintings inspirational shooting in Tuscany was created into a beautiful villa, the summer residence of  the Ginori family and still retains the charm of that period, with its frescoed walls full color ranging from red to blue Pompeian ash.

A soft filtered light, delicate caressing everything in its path, from the velvet couch, to French and tulle gown lace up the bouquet.

It seems that time has stopped, as in a Vermeer’s painting , in which fabrics are playing with the light, or in Caravaggio’s ones where the figures emerge from the shadows to tell you their story

Enjoy our work ( I hope that your gut…will say “oooh yes”!!)

Planning and styling: Martina De Robertis – the Marthy’s vintage garden

Flowers: Chiara Sperti – Floral Events

Dress: Anna Fucà Atelier

MUA: Mary Zamperini


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